Coming Soon

Like many of other businesses here in the US, we were forced to look at our business with a new sense of reality based on the "new norm" due to COVID-19.  At least for now, gone are the days of meeting face to face for potential new customers.  Gone are the days of sitting down with current customers and go over training for a new site or cracking down on that new branding design for promotional products and apparel.  We now have to look at ways of doing all of this remotely and through video.

This has pushed NuCre8ion to look at how we can accomplish things in this new norm that we were able to do easily before COVID.  Which mean we will really need to push our web sites and the web sites we develop for our customers, new and old, to the limit.  Not only do they need to be extremely fast and easy to navigate but they also need to be easily maintainable, support video at every corner and use any and every aspect of cutting edge social networking technology.

With that, we had to start with our own site.  So, stay tuned for something new and exciting from the NuCre8ion team!